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RPZ Valve Testing

Reduced Pressure Zone Valves provide a cost effective method of Backflow Protection. RPZ valves require a Commissioning Test and a periodic Test by an ACCREDITED TESTER. Diamond Plumb Ltd provide a Nationwide TESTING SERVICE.

The RPZ Valve is a Type BA Verifiable Backflow Preventing Device with, as the name suggests, a Reduced Pressure Zone.

RPZ Valve

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The REDUCED PRESSURE ZONE VALVE is a device which protects against BACKFLOW, providing cost effective protection against the contamination of MAINS cold water supply.

Double or Single non return valves (also called a check valves) should prevent backflow but when used with Mains water can be unreliable & fail due to debris found in the Mains. The design of the RPZ Valve is based on a Double Check Valve BUT with the important additional RELIEF Valve which will operate under Backflow conditions, DISCHARGING the potentially CONTAMINATED FLUID.

Application Area's

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  • Food Processing Plants ( eg Bottle Washing Apparatus, Dairies)
  • Commercial Dishwashers in Hotels, Restaurants, Coffee Bars, Pubs etc
  • Car Washing & Degreasing Plants, Breweries
  • Commercial Laundries & Launderettes, Dyeing & Ink factories,
RPZ valve image
  • Printing & Photographic plants
  • Large (not household) heating systems of more than 45kw.
  • Swimming Pool top-up in Hotels & Sports Clubs
  • Hospitals and Health Centres
  • Jet washing
  • Airport de-icing plants

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